About Us

Our story is a great one. We met for coffee at a Starbucks in Desert Ridge after having spent many hours talking, texting and emailing. Patrick waited outside for Jennie and when she got out of her car, she was the prettiest girl he had laid eyes on. Two weeks later we went for dinner at the White Chocolate Grill in Scottsdale and it was wonderful. Our third date was to the Phoenix symphony and that’s when we both knew we were hooked on each other.

Our journey unfolded before us and we had many bumps placed in our path. We had to navigate distance, mending from divorce and death, blending 4 kids, dealing with difficult people, last minute surprises, household moves, job transfers and more. But through it all, we have navigated our path with grace and relative ease.

Deep down we knew a lifetime wasn’t going to be enough, but it was the best we could do. On June 10, Patrick played a video for Jennie of her favorite Catholic speaker, Bishop Robert Barron. Spread throughout the video were pictures from our time together and at the end, Patrick asked Jennie to be his wife. #shesaidyes

On June 2, 2018, we made it official and jetted off to Paris for a honeymoon. We returned home and began our crazy journey enjoying all the twists and turns that our life brings.